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Photo Album II

Juke Box-Baby Buggy-Bassinet-Old Couch
Plow-Old Ball Shirts
Washing Machine-Stove-Ironing Boards
Piano-Campaign Posters-Cane Bottom Chair-Wash Tub
Old Washing Machine-Churn-Clothes Press
Solid Copper Moonshine Still
Manure Wagon
Old RC Cola Bottles-Hillbilly Cokes-Minature Ball Hats
Saws-Horse Shoes-Plow Blades
Horse Collar-Lantern-Scales-Dinner Buckets
Rail Horses-Light-Bottles-Lunch Buckets
Dear Friends
Workers from School Program
Miner Hats-Batteries-Bottles-Lunch Buckets
Long Handle Pump-Horse Gear-Milk Bottles
Barber Chair-Heating Stove- Chair out of Headhouse
Barber Chair out of Louellen Barber Shop-Wash Stand
Pillow Cases from World War II
Things We Have For Sale
Roll Of Honor - World War II Veterans from Cloversplint