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Cloverfork Museum
         Highsplint, Kentucky
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The Cloverfork Museum was established in 1995 in hopes of giving all a glimpse into a way of life that only a coal miner in Eastern Kentucky and his family can relate. This was the former Jack Taylor home, located six miles above Evarts on Hwy. 38 at Highsplint, Harlan County, Kentucky.

This home which was built in the 1930's was donated by Mr. Duane Bennett of Manalapan Mining. The house is furnished with dated/antique furniture and has two buildings filled with mining artifacts, memorabilia, a solid copper moonshine still on display and numerous pictures of our community along with surrounding communities.

We also have a memory wall featuring bricks engraved with the names of former residents, miners, etc. You too can have one for yourself or a loved one for a donation of $35.00 or more. The Museum is supported by donations only.  Each brick can contain three lines with twelve letters to each line.  Please send check or money order made payable to Cloverfork Museum to:

                               Cloverfork Museum
                               203 Philpot Lane               
                               Evarts, KY 40828
Our annual Highsplint reunion is always the Sunday before Labor day.  Please join us anytime throughout the year and take a walk down memory lane of our fathers, husbands and
brothers.  The Louellen community has a reunion at this same time and would like all their former residents to come join them.

If you would like more information about the Cloverfork Museum or the reunion please contact us.